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Project Management Software

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Human-centric online project management and team collaboration software

Have a Bird's Eye view on your projects

Take an "aerial shot" of all your projects and tasks and get to the smallest details with one click

See the main information or get to any details. Deadlines, goals, progress, time spent, expenses, budget, billing and much more at the tips of your fingers!

Set and complete Goals to track Task/Project Progress

Track the progress of your projects and tasks instantly.

Birdview allows you to track the real-time progress by seeing to which extent the task/projects is completed, instead of just seeing the plain percentage.

Track Time and Expenses to stick to your Budget and Schedule

Your team can submit time logs and expenses for the tasks they are working on

You will always know much you have spent, what share of wour budget is left, and be able to compare your costs with billable amounts to see if you're making a profit

A lot of other project management benefits:

and much more...